Value Networks

 and the true nature of collaboration



Value Networks and the true nature of collaboration

Published by

ValueNet Works

Verna Allee Associates




Value Networks 

and the true nature of collaboration

Verna Allee with Oliver Schwabe - Digital Edition

Work life is completely changing as social networking and collaboration platforms allow a more human-centric way of organizing work. Yet work design tools, structures, processes, and systems are not evolving as rapidly, and in many cases are simply inadequate to support the new flexible and networked ways of working.

Value Networks and the true nature of collaboration meets this challenge head on with a systemic, human-network approach to managing business operations and ecosystems. Value network modeling and analytics provide better support for collaborative, emergent work and complex activities.

With examples from everyday work teams through complex large-scale networks, this book simply and coherently lays out the new basics of collaborative work design and value creating networks. It explains the underlying concepts and shows how to map, analyze, and leverage value networks in a way that supports high social values and ethical practices - and achieves fast business results.


This is a published work, authored and edited by Verna Allee with Oliver Schwabe under a Creative Commons license. This means it can be cited as any other book or article, and portions can be reused with full acknowledgment (citation below). No derivative works are allowed.

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